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Man transforms to monster in unconventional vampire novel prequel



Vampire Takes Knight, the prequel to Never Dream, follows the transformation of Sir Arthur Talon as he is turned from mortal to monster by a wife he believed dead. Set in 1292 in King Philip’s Court, Vampire Takes Knight follows Talon as he is made a vampire and struggles to reconcile the chivalric codes he followed in life to the Vampire Codes that govern his new existence, while protecting both mortals and vampires from a threat poised to destroy the world as he knows it. The short film based on the prequel is called Never Dream: The Beginning; the indie film enjoyed recognition in short film festivals and won the TIVA PEER Award for Best Make-up.

Never Dream, the first in what will be a trilogy of books centered on Talon, introduces Arthur as the oldest vampire who still enforces the centuries-old Vampire Code. Talon is the reason that contemporary mortals consider vampires to be nothing more than a legend and any vampire that threatens that secret must answer to him and his cabal. Vampire Takes Knight tells the story of Talon’s making, and how he came to possess the manuscript known in vampire circles as “the Book.”   

Scott Charles Adams, author of the Never Dream world, says, “I always had a rough idea about Arthur’s making. I hinted at it in Never Dream, thinking at the time that I would write the story’s beginnings at some future point.” That point arrived in 2012, when indie film producer Carl Randolph asked to use the first few pages of Never Dream as his thesis for film school. Never Dream: The Beginning was an official selection at several film festivals, including the Horrorfind Weekend Film Festival and the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival.

The resulting e-novella, Vampire Takes Knight, is a departure from the romantic tone of most of today’s vampire novels, and does not shy away from showing that vampires can be funny, too. “The characters take over,” says Adams, “and before I know if I have three pages of nonsense because these people won’t just behave and move forward. I used to be able to keep them in line by typing, 'And then Character X had an anneurism and died abruptly,' but it didn't take long before they realized I was bluffing. I bet Edward and Bella never pull this crap."

They probably don't, Mr. Adams. They probably don't.

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