F. A. Q.

Are you a vampire?

No. Vampires aren't real--they are a metaphor for the predatory aspect of human nature. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either in need of psychiatric attention or trying to sell you something.

On second thought, if it'll make you buy a book, then vampires are absolutely real.

No ... really ... are you a vampire?

See above.

How about werewolves? Are they real?


Will there be a sequel to never dream?

never dream II: Rogue is written and the third book (not yet titled, although I'm thinking along the lines of never dream III, something-something) is being worked on.

Have you written anything else?

There's a medieval fantasy called Through the Breach and a children's novella called Prince of the Pond (originally titled Kitty, Kitty, Kitty--I had to change the original title because my cats came running whenever I talked about it). I'm hoping to release both of these books and never dream II before long.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I steal them from real writers, kill them in cold blood, and very carefully dispose of the bodies.

I'm a hot female, and I'd like to do things to you. May I?

Too late, I'm already married. Happily, ecstatically married. If Mrs. Adams is reading this, then naturally this answer doesn't apply to you.

What's wrong with your brain, exactly?

We don't know yet.

Be honest--you're really a vampire, aren't you?