The Truth about November 11/17/97

Mr. Steele

Me and several of my friends are feeling disatisfied with out lives and kind of blue. We're all nearing the point of burn-out at our jobs. Do you think this is all a coincedence or is it November the decreasing daylight and the approaching winter that has us all depressed?



You mean people actually LIKE daylight?

I dunno . . . I've never quite grasped getting gloomy over the Coming of Winter. It's probably just that I'm a Big Fan o' Winter. When I look out my window and see three feet of snow, a tiny part of me still cries out 'No School! No School!' as I trudge into the bathroom to clean up for work.

The only bad part about Winter is that everyone wears so much clothes it takes three days to get to first base. Unsnap THIS unhook THAT untie THIS cut off THAT . . . it makes me wish velcro had caught on in a bigger way. But that's the only downside. The rest is all good.

As for feeling blue and depressed . . . sounds like you're just not drinking enough.

When it hurts to think don't think.

          . . . whispered to me from the lips of many-a-bottle of Jack Daniels

The Truth for the Day: If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck maybe inviting it back to your place for a nightcap wouldn't be the best thing.

Completely irrelevent . . . but yesterday's Truth was Relevency is Overrated.

Has anyone seen my duck?