The Truth about ESP, II 11/15/00

Who knew I had so many nay-sayers on my mailing list?

I received numerous emails about that ESP trick ... how none of the six cards that originally appeared are among the five that they show after and blah-blah-blah ... but that's just mathematical hullabaloo. It's magic, I tell ya! Can't you recognize magic when it's right there in front of your eyes???

Okay ... I can see that a lot of your are still skeptical. Ever seen Three Card Monty on a street corner? Another perfect illustration of True Magic. I mean, how does that guy know where the red card is, every time? It's magic. There's no other logical explanation. I let that magical mother fucker take $300 before I finally realized I was up against a wizard and walked away.

I mean, you can't beat magic.

Another example of magic ... snipes. Ever been snipe-hunting? One minute there's a snipe right there, and the next he's just gone without a sound. That's just not possible. In all the twelve times I've gone snipe hunting, I'm the only one in the hunting party who's never even seen a snipe.

If that's not magic, what is?

Anyway, I have to keep this Truth short. We're going on another hunting expedition again, and the taxidermist says I have to prepay him to mount the head on a plaque for my wall. $1200 ... but worth every penny.

I'm gonna bag me one of those, this time. No question. I'm not coming out of the woods until I do.

Wish me luck!