The Truth about Turning Thirty 10/19/98

Mr Steele

It is with much trepidation that I ask this..

But is it true what the bargirls say.."that if you were so <expletive deleted>ing clever then you should be a whole lot farther along in this world!!"

Inquiring minds want to know

 The artist formerly known as Tmplr292

Oof . . . that really stings when they say that don't it?

Okay two things to address about this one:

(1) No one was ever born successful. You can be born rich, but success is something you have to make happen on your own. And not everyone succeeds at twenty-two . . . in fact, if you do then you either have very low goals or got very lucky.

At least that's what I told myself over and over on my 30th birthday -- so don't go wrecking it for me.

(2) Generally speaking 'bargirls' haven't made their miracle happen either. She's only one of Us. Plus she's in a service industry, and she's being rude to someone who might have left a tip. Considering her lack of common sense, doesn't sound to me like she's qualified to make any judgements does it?

Okay . . . but the topic you've all been dying to read: The Truth about Turning Thirty.

Angst. I'm told this is what I'm supposed to be feeling right now. Much angst. Crippling angst. Angst the likes of which have never been felt before Generation X came along and perfected it.

And yet, nothing. I even waited a week to see if something would suddenly kick-in for me. Maybe the tubes in my Angst circuit were just slow to warm up. But I've been thirty for nine days now -- and I'm angstless. Bereft of angst. Sans angst.

Sorry guys. I know you were hoping for some Angst here. I think I must have drank that away 'cause there's just none of that happening. Thirty was just another year. I know, I'm disappointed too.

The Truth about Turning Thirty is that my 20s sucked and I'm glad they're over.

So there.