The Truth about The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 10/4/98

Dear Mr. Steele

During my most recent ramblings through a local department store in search of those really oddball Halloween decorations for my semi-annual party something startled me. As I picked my way through the three or four child sized Barney costumes and a pathetic display of pirate costumes (Is that really what adults wnat ot dress as for Halloween?) I rounded the corner and had to stop and stare. There at the end of the aisle was the beginning of five more pine tree scented green and white ho ho ho red nosed reindeer Christmas aisles! Now I like God and the Birth of Christ and all but is it possible that this may be just a tad bit overboard. I didn't get excited when they started putting a "Santa Hat" on the Thanksgiving Turkey I tried not to grimace when it eeked closer and closer to Halloween but at this rate of "Holiday Expansion" Santa will need a pair of Bermuda shorts for the 4th of July parade!

A Disgruntled Ghoulie


Nyrve is correct . . . this is a frightening trend. If the current trend continues we'll see the hype for Christmas 2015 begin on Memorial Day Weekend 2010. Only 1,700 Shopping Days 'til Christmas!

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but Christmas has become the basis of our economy. Ask any retailer. These stores barely eek by ten months out of the year, and then the Christmas Season begins and Whammo! they clean up in time for the Fourth Quarterly Report and there's peace on earth and everyone gets to keep their jobs for another year.

And that's the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown.