The Truth about Maybe 10/3/98

Ok so whats the deal with "maybe?" I mean why cant they just say "no."

Everyone knows that maybe means no but is there something more sinister at work here? Perhaps you can shed some light on this.


'Maybe.' Well, that's easy. 'Maybe' means: 'No, according to the facts I currently have at hand. However, I reserve the right to change my mind in the event of a radical alteration of my information -- say for example I find out that you're actually wealthy.'

Certainly 'No' would be far more polite. But if she says No and then changes her mind later on, you're not going to ask again -- where with Maybe a girl with large enough knobs can string us along forever.

The solution? Rather simple. Treat Maybe as the answer it is with an answer equally vague.

HE: Want to go out with me sometime?

SHE: Not if I can just string you along for a while instead. (Pronounced 'Maybe.')

HE: I think I'd prefer not to be strung along especially considering I just spotted a better-looking girl across the room. Bye. (Pronounced 'Okay.')

What could be simpler?