The Truth about the Midnight Callers Club 9/11/97

From a conversation in IMs between Tmplr292 and myself:

Tmplr292: mr. steele how are you this fine evening?

IagoSteele: Not too shabby . . . they changed my day off so I'll probably be out here all night. How's it goin'?

Tmplr292: alright so what have you been up to?

IagoSteele: Just selling cars and playing DR. Not much else.

Tmplr292: and you have passed the boars i assume? what is left in life to do?

IagoSteele: Oh . . . there's lots of stuff harder than boars. ;)

Tmplr292: the minds of the women on aol?

IagoSteele: Those aren't hard . . . those are impossible.

Tmplr292: a ball of yarn that keeps unraveling..and unraveling..the more that you play with it..

IagoSteele: Leaving you with a lot of string to clean up. No thanks.

Tmplr292: don't tell me you have sworn off of them..for shame!!

IagoSteele: Nah -- not really. In fact I just called one of my ex's just the other day.

Tmplr292: weakening dear boy..have you joined the midnight callers club?

IagoSteele: It wasn't quite midnight -- but it was close enough. And I've been a member of that club for years. Except I always called it the 'Booty Callers.'

Tmplr292: the correct name has been refers to midnight: been to the bar..drunk horny what to the ex girlfriends up..even back to HS if you have to!!

IagoSteele: Gah! I can't go back to HS. There's only one girl from there and I Booty Called her enough times before she was married.

Tmplr292: how very predictable for members to do such is like going back to an old mine and try to get that last bit of ore out.. you look and look..a bit here a bit you know it is played out and yet you persisit..such is life..

IagoSteele: I've done that plenty of times. In fact I can't believe I'm doing it again. I'm a moron. Where's my drink?

Tmplr292: you had best take that next could be a mind numbing..soul gutting experience

IagoSteele: Why not? The last one was.

Tmplr292: now that's the spirit..the true NJ I'm dead and just don't know it in a relationship attitude! how i have missed it

IagoSteele: Heh-heh. ;)

Tmplr292: i have spent the last of my ducats on lawyers and the fast life..I make no excuses for it other then I regret the funds to completely take it over the edge into a hither to uncharted realm of soul rape..

Tmplr292: i believe they (these women) are so easily seduceed by the dark side of human nature (in the sexy seductive way that I offer it to them) that they never will be truly happy until they are giant rotting balls of negativity..packaged in very pleasing fleshlike wrappers... I have only found that soul like spark in maybe 1% of these women and they have been of the most base lifestyles..

Tmplr292: I wanted the errol flynn lifestyle and instead have found dorian grey! what an irony there is there..

IagoSteele: lol

Tmplr292: that is what vampirism is all about i believe the need to feed on the actual lifeforce of others either by close proximity or the consumption of them through sex or some other all encompassing relationship.

I believe this Truth speaks for itself and requires no further clarification.