The Truth about Sex in the Oval Office  8/19/98

Oofah! Look at this! I'm writing a Truth that no one even asked me about! Maybe I have a fever.

First off, I have to say that I am not a political guy. To me, the Democrats and the Republicans are just another pair of street gangs rumbling for legal control of the turf we live in. Their rules, methods, and means, are somewhat cryptic to me.

Lately, what's been baffling me is the entire Clinton/Lewinsky-thing. From all I've been reading and all I've been hearing, a great many people seem to think this will affect his ability to rule as President -- even though I know this not to be the case. The fact is, a great many people are fairly indifferent to the situation and a vocal minority who has something to gain seems want us to think this will affect his ability to rule as President.

The 'why,' however, eludes me. Is it supposed to be a character issue? Are these people aware that humans have been cheating on their spouses for years and years and years? that 50% of all marriages in this country end in divorce? I'm relatively certain that they are ... but they have to appeal for the Holier-Than-Thou Vote. You see, admitting that you're just one more flawed member of the human race is supposed to be a Bad Thing in these circles. We're up against the I-Am-a-Superior-Speciman-and-therefore-I-Should-Be-In-Charge Mentality.

The people don't feel this way. And of course, I don't need to tell you this because if you're reading this you're smarter than the average bear and know it already. But someone told somebody that the voters care, and somebody believed it. Last election didn't we all have a fairly good idea that Clinton diddled around? After all, where there's smoke there's fire. But didn't we vote for him again anyway?

Why yes. Yes, we did.

But the big issue now is supposed to be the fact that he lied about it. At least that's what the Pinheads in Charge are trying to make the big issue out of, perhaps because they're slowly (oh SO-slowly) beginning to realize that we don't care who the President diddles as long as it's not our sister. 'The fact that he lied about it' ... raise your hand if you've heard this line before: "It's not THAT you did it it's HOW you did it." Clinton is bring persecuted by my ex-girlfriends.

Fact: If you cheat on your wife and someone asks you if you cheat on your wife in a forum where you're reasonably sure your answer will get back to her YOU LIE. It's common courtesy.

"Honey I have something important to confess to you. Tune to channel six and find out with the rest of the nation."

My question is, what in the name of Betty Crocker's Blueberry Muffins made someone think they had the right to ask? Was it any of their business? Or ours?

But that's not what really peeves me about this entire affair ... even though it peeves me more-than-a-little. Oh-no, Gentle Reader. The Hypocrisy Of It All isn't even a close 2nd. What really gets me is that THIS is where 1/4 of my paycheck is going. Oh yes. And yours and yours and yours. Hope you're enjoying the show folks ... you paid good money to watch it. Couldn't this money have been spent as downpayment on a penal system that actually reforms people? Or food for someone who needs it? Or medical care for someone who needs it? Does this country really have so much money to waste?

I'd be darned curious to find out how much money this little carnival has cost so far. But it's something I probably wouldn't even want to know.

The Truth for the Day: VOTE. The NRA and the Christian Cooalition and a dozen other whack-job organizations will loose their power if Eddie Common-sense just gets off his butt and votes his heart.