The Truth about the Pathologically Unpleaseable 8/12/97

Maybe you work for one. Maybe you were raised by one. Maybe you're even (Heaven Forfend) married to one. But we've all had some dealings with them . . . those people who for personal reasons of their own simply will not be pleased by whatever you do. It just so happens that I'm working for one right now.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking -- and to an extent you are correct. Calling someone 'Pathologically Unpleaseable' is an easy way out. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Perhaps I'm a poor worker. Fair enough -- you don't know me well enough to take me at my word on that one (although perhaps some of you do).

But when someone lectures me for wrong-doing they'd better not be making-up the things I'm doing wrong. I mean spread lies about me if it pleases you but at least have the courtesy to do it behind my back.

Perhaps these people were raised by a Pathological Unpleaseable. Perhaps some lesson in their lives taught them that behaving in this manner is the proper -- or only -- way to deal with people. Who knows? And to be honest who really cares? Society can only take so much blame. If someone's a schmuck, he's a schmuck; and he's got no one to blame. To quote The Bard (and you'll find this in my profile too) " 'Tis in ourselves if we are thus or thus."

It just so happens that I'm a bastard. Who is to blame for this? Does Society reach inside me and work my mouth like a puppet? Nope. Only I work my mouth. Only I say and do those awful things. And only I can be held accountable.

So we cannot know -- nor do we care -- why some people are Pathologically Unpleaseable. What we can know is how to deal with them.

How do you climb an unclimbable wall? Well that depends upon how smart you are. The moron wastes his time trying, the wise man says "Gosh -- that wall's unclimbable " and walks away.

How do you please the Pathologically Unpleaseable? Same answer: don't waste your time trying.

If they raised you, stop calling. Assuming you're an adult and you're pleased with yourself, who cares what they think? (Of course if you're still being raised by them that's a whole other ball of wax . . . there is no easy way to deal with that one.)

If you're married to them, leave. Split. Life's too short to waste precious years that way.

And if you work for them, nod when they talk to you and agree with everything they say. Then don't change a thing . . . as long as you're not screwing-up in other areas. If your 'Unpleaseable' boss is upset at you because you're always five minutes late for work then it's not your boss. Cover your butt don't screw-up don't give him an excuse to fire you. Just earn your money and ignore what he says. It's not as hard as you think. And there are plenty of jobs out there doing exactly what you're doing for more rational people.

So . . . Today's Truth summed up:

If you find someone intolerable, don't tolerate them. Write 'em off.