The Truth about Web Pages 8/8/97

First I want to thank everyone who liked that first original-bit -- and everyone who invited their friends to check out 'this weirdo I know.' All my responses were good . . . and the people who didn't like it were kind enough to keep their opinions to themselves. I don't want to hear from them anyway.

Second -- and the reason for this update -- is to talk about something Near & Dear to me: the process of creating a Web Page.

I'm surrounded by a pile of hair that used to live in my head. The neighbors have all been told that I have Tourettes. My jaw muscles are so highly developed from grinding my teeth I can set my drink on the protrusion next to my cheekbone. And every animal in the house has had its head twisted off -- including one I think used to be my sister. (Note to self: run to pet store.)

The process has been stressful.

I'm not a guy who likes 'not knowing.' This is why I've never taken a second lesson at anything -- too much aggrivation at leaving the first lesson with Stuff I Still Didn't Know. It's not that I'm impatient . . . well okay that's exactly what it is. But there's more to it than that. There's being told that this will work and then trying this and finding out that this has to be done with that or else this is utterly useless. Of course if the guy who told me about this could have taken the time to tell me about that my life would be a simple happy place.

Perhaps it's a plot.

Take notice of two things while you're here:
   The counter either works or it doesn't.
   The JPEG has either been fixed or it hasn't.

If neither of these things are working and you IM me and get a response like 'aguaijdfjadoqpuwerjaspoiu' . . . don't be alarmed. That's just me rolling my forehead back and forth across the keyboard.

If you've read this far you're no doubt wondering what Today's Truth is. Well here it is:

Nothing is Hard -- things are only made hard by people who'd feel bad about themselves if you understood everything they understand.