The Truth about the Honor System 8/7/00

Well, Hello-there, gentle readers. Have you missed me? I'm sure by now the reason for my extended absence is clear ... all the changes you're looking at didn't happen over night, ya know. And they're not quite finished yet, either. No Sir ... there's still too much stuff out here that doesn't work like it's supposed to. Like those damned Submit buttons on the fancy-brand-new 'forms' pages. I'm still working on those suckers. But they'll be ready soon, see-if-they're-not.

While I was away, it seems Stephen King has been up to some mischief. Perhaps you've heard about the series of stories he's planning to put on the internet ... he says he wants to write them in installments, and that if 80% (or maybe it was 70%) of the people who download that sucker send him $1 in the mail, he'll go ahead and post the third (and presumably, continuing) installments.

This strikes me as a good idea. In fact, it strikes me as such a good idea, that I'm going to steal it. Yes Sir ... the Truth now comes at a price. How's that for a Truth? However, since I don't have the readers that Mr. King has, I'm afraid I'm going to have to charge a little more ... say, about $10 per Truth. Retroactive. Due immediately. Plus, a late charge tacked on, because some of you free-loaders have been learning the Truth in easy-to-digest pieces for quite some time, now.

If you can't afford to pay it all up front, Mr. Steele has EZ Financing available. My rates are less reasonable than my Truths, but it's a bargain at any price. Would you rather learn these Truths on your own -- out in the world -- where they'll cost you real money? Any idea how much these Truths cost me to learn? Oofah! We're into the tens of thousands of dollars, here, Man!

I think putting an address here would really complete the joke, but I'm not gonna do it. Yes, it'd be funny, blah-blah-blah ... but I'm afraid some of the people reading this (and you know who you are) would send me checks just to be funny.

And I'm just funny enough to cash 'em.