The Truth about Never Dream 7/3/04

I have an announcement to make. I've been waiting four years to make this announcement, so you'd think by now I'd know exactly what I was going to say and how I was going to say it. Instead, I've been staring at an intermittently blank page for some time now, with repeated false-starts and miscarried attempts.

So I guess I'll just say it. The second printing of Never Dream is now available.

The new cover is just amazing. It's a thing of great beauty and a wonder to behold. My sister-in-law, Barbette Jensen, did the 'first draft' of it. I just needed one thing corrected before I could use it--the text on the spine was upside-down. Unfortunately, Barbette began experiencing health problems and couldn't do it, and I couldn't do it myself. I didn't have the software. I didn't have the money to buy the software. I didn't have the know-how to use the software if I'd had the money.

So I had a bit of a problem. The cover--and the book it was meant to surround--were moved to the back burner. Life barreled on with other things. And Never Dream, which had encompassed the whole of my life for eighteen months (when I wasn't working one of my two jobs or sleeping, that is) became nothing more than an occasional stray thought ... a passing regret for a great feat not quite finished.

Then, a few months ago (or maybe it's been over a year ago, at this point) I was talking to a friend from work (Kerri Foxhill) about her brother (Eric J. Foxhill). Turns out he was an artist. She gave me his email address, and I asked him if he would be interested in doing another cover for a different book, Through the Breach. He agreed. Then it occured me to me that he might be able to fix the minor issues with the Never Dream cover, and that if I could get my vampire novel back out there I could use that money to pay him to do the cover for the medieval fantasy. Not only did he fix the spine, he also gave the cover some 'zing' ... changing some elements and adding others. The result is the cover you can see on

I printed 500 copies late in 1999. Those sold out twelve months later. And now I can offer it again.

It boggles the mind, a bit.

As far as the book goes, the revisions I've done over the past four years have been very minor. If you already own the book, there's no need to buy it again (although I'm of the opinion that a house is not a home without ten copies).

At some point in the next few weeks, you should be able to order it right from your local bookstore. But right at the moment, the only way to get it is directly from

And be sure to tell all your friends about it. Mr. Steele needs a big house and a Phat Car.