The Truth about Writing Mr. Steele 7/1/98

Dear Mr. Steele

I just wanted to let you know that I think you are pretty damn funny. I was sent the link to your page by a mutual friend......Keith (( aka Nyrve VanGrymm etc etc etc... )) And I have to say I think I'll be reading you again. If only I had a question..... (;


Jolie (( aka someone else etc... ))

(; instead of ;) ? I think I hurt my neck throwing my head to the right instead of to the left. You'll be hearing from my lawyer, Jolie.

I'm glad Jolie sent me this, for a couple of reasons.

First, I'm always glad to hear that new people are being turned on to the page.

Second, I always appreciate hearing that someone thinks I'm funny.

Third, it allows me to talk a bit about 'Dear Mr. Steele' letters.

I could see where there would be pressure to stay on par with my previous letters . . . there have been some great ones. In fact, every letter I've received concerning this page to date has been a Great Letter. This might be a good time to thank everyone who's mailed me. Without you, there's no page.

Still, if I was a stranger coming to a page like mine, would I send a letter? Probably not. Why? One reason would be that I'd be afraid I'd be put on some weird mailing list, and who needs to be on one more of those? The other reason would be that why would I write a letter on the outside chance that it might be put onto this page?

This is the part where I explain that (a) I don't compose mailing lists and (b) I've responded to every single letter I've received to date.

Of course they've all been Great Letters ...