The Truth about The Shrew 6/29/00

No, this isn't an article about the fiancé. Everything there is going just fine, Thank You Very Much. In fact, it's wonderful. I dare-say that no other woman on the planet could have caught me, kept me, and spoiled me in the manner to which I'm rapidly growing accustomed.

This Truth is -- in fact -- about a little play called Taming of the Shrew. Maybe you've heard of it, or of its playwright, 'Wild' Bill Shakespeare. From what I understand, Bill has gotten himself a bit of attention writing his little plays.

I did this very same play about eight years ago, or so. In fact, I played the same part -- Hortensio. The difference is this time, we're doing the show outdoors. We're at the mercy of the elements and the body mics. Will the honking of passing motorists cause Grumio to forget his lines? Will Katherine's body mic short out in a passing rain storm, powerful surges of electricity from four AA batteries causing her body to writhe and convulse during the Upper Room scene? Will Hortensio trip and fall off the stage while performing his 'drunk walk,' a walk which required years and years of research and untold bottles of whiskey?

All these questions and more will be answered on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd behind the Legion Hall in Palmyra, NJ, at the corner of Broad and Park Streets. The shows will start at 8:30 PM (or sunset), and are FREE FREE FREE. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. The No Wilding Rule will be strictly enforced.

And finally, during the curtain call, be sure to cry out, "Go, Mrs. Steele!" when the lovely woman playing 'Widow' takes her bow; and "Go Steele!" when I take mine.

That way, we'll know you're there. ;)