The Truth about ... er ... The Truth 6/13/00

 Dear Mr. Steele

How is it that we can really tell that this is the truth? I don't mean to question these wholly believable truths but is it really The truth? I mean how can we tell? Agents Mulder and Scully tell us that the truth is out there but is this it? Why is it that this whole letter is made up entirely of questions?

A very confused and minorly skeptical albeit gentle reader,

The concept of 'Truth,' as we know it, is relative. Relatives always tell the Truth. Mom always told the Truth. Dad always told the Truth -- unless he didn't know the answer, in which case, he made something up that sounded remotely feasible. Uncle Bob told his version of the Truth, depending upon the balance of mind-altering chemicals in his system ... and his Truth seemed true, depending upon the balance of mind-altering chemicals in the truth-seeker's system. Aunt Velma always told the Truth, but since all she ever really had to say was that Uncle Bob's mind had been skewed by mind-altering chemicals, that Truth lost its potency over the years.

Everyone's drummer beats a different Truth. While some believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, others believe that wearing tin foil on their heads keeps the FBI from scanning their thoughts. My version of the Truth may not be your version of the Truth. It may not be anyone else's version of the Truth. It's just my Truth. It's nothing more, and nothing less.

However, since you're asking me if my Truth is true -- and since I can only speak for myself -- my response will naturally be that my Truth is the Absolute Truth, the only Truth, the Truth that causes all the faux Truths to flee into their little Truth corners and cry great, big, sloppy Truth tears because they're not quite as true as the Real Truth ... which is mine.

Mulder and Scully are correct ... the Truth is 'out there,' relative to their positions in the universe. But since our eyes have all read these words, our positions in the universe change slightly. We are bound together in a Brotherhood of the real Truth. We share a position in the universe; and to us, the Truth is not 'out there,' but rather, 'right here.' Besides, the fact that we share a Brotherhood of Truth makes us family, and relatives always tell the Truth.

Unless they don't know ... in which case, they make up something that sounds remotely feasible.