The Truth about Stooges and Flatulence 5/16/00

 Dear Mr. Steele, (may I call you Iago)?

I want to know the truth...

What the hell is it with men and "The Three Stooges"? What is so freaking funny about three morons repeatedly whacking each other over the head and poking each other's eyes out? Are boys born with an inane desire to cause bodily harm and humiliation to their friends and family, or is this something they acquire somewhere along the way along with their twisted sense of humor? I have known some otherwise reasonably intelligent men who watch this stuff and roar with laughter at the same stupid pratfalls over and over again. The stupidity of it all! I just don't get it.

Guess I'll cut-in and explain the allure of the Stooges before I go any further. The Three Stooges are cool for the following reason:

I don't have a fucking clue.

Oh, and in answer to your other question, Yes, boys are inherently destructive. It's in our chromosomes. You mean to tell me you never noticed?

And while I'm on the subject of men and stupidity, (they do go hand in hand), what the hell is men's obesession with flatulation humor? There happens to be a, ahem, gentleman with whom I work, (and I use that phrase loosely), who showed me a short film clip on his lap top of a man and woman in bed. The man was letting loose with some loud disgusting noises emanating from his body. How gross! Do men really think that women are interested in seeing this stuff? Yes, I was polite and even gave the guy a little "ha-ha." I suppose I should have been honest and made some smart-ass comment to the guy about how disgusting I find that kind of humor, but decided on the spot to address the matter in this forum, (I know he will read this e-mail). I also know that he takes the opinions of Mr. Steele very personally.


p.s. If you should choose to respond to this email, please bear in mind that I do the payroll for the company that the forementioned, ahem, gentleman works for.

First of all, you loved that clip.

Second of all, you know who sent me that little clip? Could it have been ... a woman? Why yes ... it might have been the future Mrs. Steele who sent me that little lovely. Oh ... oh ... and do you know who sent it to her? Might it have been ... hmm ... another woman?

So believe me -- I'd be the very first to leap right onto that bandwagon and trash men. And maybe the next time I'll be able to accomodate you -- that is, if any man were gross enough to send that little nugget around.


However, since a bunch of women felt it pertinent to pass this thing around, I feel it's only fitting to put it on this page. I'm sure there are other women out there who'd want to see it. After all, you know how chicks dig those fart jokes.


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