The Truth about Cheese 5/10/98

Dear Mr. Steele

Why cheese? How or why is it that the act of taking one's picture has become preceded by someone saying "cheese?" At first I thought it has to be humor... but then I realized theres nothing funny about that. It's just stupid. I'm sure that there's some old wife's tale about how that got started but I trust that you know what is REALLY going on here.

S Dagnoth

Surely you're not trying to tell me that you don't think Cheese is funny. Cheese! Hah! You can put it after anything, and it's funny. Toe Cheese. Toe Cheese is funny. Naval Cheese, Ass Cheese, Crotch Cheese . . . it just gets better and better.

Cheese. You can't be milky and you can't be creamy. But you can be Cheesey -- oh yes, you can. I enjoy giving the Cheesey smile whenever I can. It's fun and it gets the chicks -- but most of all it's funny.

You tell me which of the following statements is funnier?

'Did you just offer me oral sex? Why, that'd be great. I don't have to stop eating my hamburger do I?'

Bah. Flat.

'Did you just offer me oral sex? Why that'd be great. I don't have to stop eating my Cheeseburger do I?'

Bwahh-hah-hah! Hysterical!

And the really funny part is I've just burned myself into your brain forever. The next time someone asks you to 'Say Cheese ' you're going to think of me aren't you?

That's funny. Not as funny as 'Cheese,' but funny.