The Truth about my Ecclesiastical State 5/8/98

Dear Mr. Steele

See I was raised without religion... my mom was Baptist and my dad was Jewish but they both threw their faith out the window when they got married. So <weeping> because I grew up religiously neglected I have yet to find that divine power that will bring unto me the truths of the world and all its glory.

My question today Mr. Steele is:

Are you God?

Your words of wisdom speak to my soul and lift me from the sea of mediocraty <still weeping>. Please once again speak the divine words that shall shed light on this latest dilema.

S Dagnoth

Actually . . . this is not the first time I've been asked this question -- although I'm generally accustomed to hearing it immediately after sex.

Oofah! If I weren't already going straight to Hell when I die, that joke should clinch it.

Perhaps some of you have noticed the new picture and the new button -- for which I must thank Dagnoth profusely. Is that new JPEG great, or what? I'm leaning on 'The Truth!' Oh, the symbolism!

I guess this might be a good time to mention that there will be a few other changes out here, but I don't want to give away what I've got planned because I may-or-may-not be able to get anything to work. So just keep an eye opened, and we'll find out together what changes are coming.

I also wish to extend greetings to all the New Readers. I've been writing this page for six or seven people for the past year (only the ones I've told about it directly) and I don't even know how many people are reading this these days except that it's more. I also want it to be clear that anyone is welcome to write me a 'Dear Mr. Steele' letter whether I personally know you or not. To date I've responded to every single letter I've received (except for the ones that I've lost in a Sea of Bit and Bytes).

Hope I can keep yer attention.