The Truth about Never Dream II 5/8/10

I know. Finally, right?

After years of revising, re-revising, eventually starting from scratch, more revising, and then more re-revising, Rogue: Never Dream II is now available on

And now, a list of reasons to buy the book, tailored to specific religions. Enjoy!

Christian: Buying ten copies makes Baby Jesus™ smile.

Judaism: Buy ten copies, and God will lift your ridiculous dietary restrictions for a day. Bacon cheeseburgers are much better than you ever imagined.

Islamic: Buy ten copies, and you’ll get seventy-three virgins in Heaven.

Wiccan: Buy ten copies, and the Goddess will pay you back times three.

Buddhism: The Dali Lama wants you to buy ten copies. I think he also wants Tibet freed, but I have to admit I'd stopped listening by then.

Hindu: This is Shiva's all-time favorite book. He told me so himself.

Scientology: Buy one copy for $50,000, and you'll be promoted to Tier 3 of Level 1 of our wonderful pseudo-religion! Special robes, hat, and paddling board all sold separately (but they ain't cheap).

Agnostic: Buy ten copies, because you never know.

Atheism: Buy ten copies, 'cause, whatever.

Satanist: Buy ten copies, because it'll piss off your parents.