The Truth about Getting Handed All the Work 5/3/98

Dear Mr Steele

I have a workplace gripe that I would appreciate your opinon on. Is it supposed to be a compliment to your abilities if you are given other people's job to do? ie. I am a Lab Administrator which means I do a lot of paperwork to process instruments that come in for repair or adjustment once the paperwork gets to me it should be completed if it is not I usually end up having to do it myself. However! If I give paperwork to the invoicer and something is missing from is given back to me to finish. Hmmm....just a beef I have here.

Hope things are well with you!


Finally an easy question.

Let's say I've got two people working for me. One of them is a complete boob and the other is my right-hand. Now if something goes wrong what do I do?

(1) Fix it myself. (Yeah right!)

(2) Sit down with the boob and try to teach him the proper way to do things so that he can sit and spend a half-a-day doing five minutes work.

(3) Just hand it to the person who does a good job and forget about it.

The answer is, Yes you are supposed to see it as a compliment. You're the Cracker Jack! You're the one who Gets Things Done!

The solution? Sadly there's only one, and the Boob learned that a long time ago. It's called Incompetence. Screw up a few times . . . and not little things either. Start little fires around the office. Accidentally dump a pot of coffee into the copy-machine. Set your electric pencil sharpener right on top of a hard drive and sharpen a whole box of #2 Ticonderogas.

I guarantee your workload will be cut in half.

The Truth for the Day -- it takes a lot of work to be Lazy, but it's sooooo worth it.