The Truth about Tupac Shakur 4/25/00

Hey, everyone! Guess what? I finally got an email from a complete stranger! Ain't this grand? I love it. All I can say is, it's about Goddamn time.

Okay, I guess there's sortta a catch, here: whoever wrote this to me wrote it as a query to rather than as a question to Truth. So I guess strictly speaking, it's not actually my first Truth letter from a stranger -- but dammit, I think it's close enough.

Here goes:

Subject: Tupac Shakur
Content: why does he where 1998 jordan nikes in a poster, and in changes, when he supposedly died in 1996


Okay. Tupac Shakur. Hey ... no one's a bigger fan of Tupac Shakur than I am, right? I mean, I know everything about the guy. And Nike Jordan's? Yup, I know what those are. Do I ever. And I can tell by sight the difference between a '96 and a '98. Absolutely.

No worries. I can answer this question.


All right, I think I'll hit that other question I got first, and then come back to this one.

Dear Mr. Steele

And to think I was worried that being in love might soften your approach. I guess the lesson here is "Don't mess with The Machine". Its the life source. Who cares who, or what is in it as long as it keeps talking to me.

Think about it. If you were the devil, is that too much of a stretch, wouldn't you agree that the computer is the perfect way to get into the minds of a great deal of the world. Look at the horrible games that are out there now. I refer to them as games but some of them are bloody awful. Our children are "playing" these and learning lessons every single day. Time that should be spent with caring parents.

My question Mr. Steele? What should be done to soften this world? Make children see that "blowing someone away" is not the answer to conflict. Help!!

Concerned Woman

First of all, anyone says that violence never solved anything has never locked himself in a clock tower and blown away a bunch of strangers with a high-powered rifle. I mean, what a release ... your problems just melt-melt-melt away.

Which brings up an interesting point -- didn't that little incident I just mentioned take place before the advent of Space Invaders, Asteriods, and Pac Man? Why yes, yes it did.

However, I know the brand of violence you're referring to: the school shootings. Things really seem to have calmed on that score since schools started taking a few more precautions -- and Columbine really burned that into our awareness more than any other shooting before it. Can anyone name any other school shooting, aside from Columbine? I know that a bunch happened before that ... but I can't name one of them. For some reason, that one really captured the imagination of the media. Maybe it was because the media got such great footage on that one -- and dammit, great footage makes great media.

I think that's why we had to hear about Jon Benet Ramsey for all those many months: we had her right on video tape with make-up on, being cute as hell. How many little children do you suppose died after her death, whos names we never learned? Would we have learned their names if they had been little white girls singing on video for us?

Yup, I think we would have. Because Footage=Ratings, Ladies and Gentlemen -- and that's what it's all about. Footage. Ratings. Popularity. "Love me ... please, won't anyone love me?"

Perhaps enough time has passed that we can ask ourselves a question:

Why were those two little pinheads so angry?

(Editor's note: Yes, I certainly could look up their names. I'm sure they'd be easy to find on the internet. I'm not doing that intentionally: because part of the reason those little fucks did it was to make themselves household names. Fortunately, that never happened, and most people can't remember their names ... only that they were pinheads. Enjoy the after-life, you two ... even though I don't believe in Hell, I'm sure the other side holds some interesting adventures for you two.)

But back to the question. The reason they were so angry was because they were picked on. No big deal, right? I mean, who among us wasn't picked on in high school? It doesn't justify murder. Even if every single one of those dead children was an awful bully -- which I don't believe to be the case -- they didn't deserve to die.

However, if you want to know why these two were so angry, perhaps you should look to the way they were treated in general by the other children -- because you don't come by that sort of anger without at least one Wedgie, Swirl, Headlock, Sleeper Hold, or Pink Belly. These two were angry at the other children because the other children didn't like them. Try as I might, I can't find any way around this conclusion.

Maybe if more of the kids in that school -- hell, any school, because what happened there could have happened anywhere in this country -- had been raised by parents, this sort of thing wouldn't have happened. Because children need to learn compassion from somewhere. And if someone doesn't teach it to them, they just ... don't ... learn it.

This isn't a new thing. Nope ... this thing is rather old. But since we all get through it, we all tend to downplay what it was like. After all, we got through it, didn't we? How hard could it have been?

Truth is, it wasn't all that hard. But oh ... a few semi-automatic weapons and one or two explosive devices would have made it all so much easier.

Not that I would have killed anyone at that age. Back then, I'd've rather taken a punch than given one. I was more afraid of hurting someone than I was of being called a wimp after I walked away from a fight. In way, I think I'd like to think that's still true about myself ... but I hope it's never tested, because I think there's a strong possibility I'd be mighty disappointed.

The solution? There is no solution. More cops with more guns -- that's the solution. Because at this point, kids are being raised by adult-kids who were never raised. How are you going to tell someone to raise their kids when they never even got to watch how it was done?

And now back to the first question:

Subject: Tupac Shakur
Content: why does he where 1998 jordan nikes in a poster, and in changes, when he supposedly died in 1996

One of the following statements is true:

(1) The style of the 1996 Jordan Nike is identical to the styling of the 1998 Jordan Nike.

(2) Tupac had his sneakers custom designed, and the design for that was obtained by Nike because they thought they looked cool.

(3) Tupac Shakur had a five year contract with Nike when he died, giving the sneaker company the legal right to dig him up and pose his body in the new style of sneaker every year through 2001.

Wow. And here, I thought that was going to be hard.